Bright Hope Coaching
helping women find support, strength and clarity for their journey

Professional, virtual coaching and counseling for women experiencing betrayal trauma, relational breakdown and marriage crisis

A safe place to process challenges

Bright Hope can offer you a safe place to process whatever challenges you are facing
Whether you find yourself stuck in a difficult place in life right now, if there’s disappointment and pain in your marriage or if you are going through the intense trauma of partner betrayal, or you are experiencing a painful separation or divorce, you may be feeling alone, afraid or overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next.

Maybe you feel you need some help to find answers and direction. Maybe you are hoping your marriage will get better but you don’t know how to restore it or where to start because so much feels broken.

Perhaps things have become so bad, you feel you need some safe time and space away from your spouse, either for a period of separation or more permanently but you feel deeply afraid and anxious about making such a decision. You might not have the support or wise counsel around you or even understand God's truth in such a life-changing decision. You can find the right help and support with making this decision right here.

You don’t have to walk this road on your own.

If you feel you have lost your way, your voice, your value and worth as a woman or in your marriage, you can find it again, no matter what difficulties you are going through now.
There is hope for you to find your way through the trial, find yourself and your way again.

You are seen
and you are heard
by someone you can trust.

The connection and relationship that are so important in helping you through the challenges you are facing in your personal life or marriage right now are available for you today. Weekly or bi-weekly virtual coaching and counselling support plans can offer you the hand of help you need to get through this difficult and painful journey you find yourself on

Marriage Crisis
and Trauma Coaching

Free 30-minute Assessment Session
Per 55-minute session $95/£85
6, 12, 24 week and On-going Tailored Packages available
(Fees kept lower to make coaching support more financially viable)

Professional Life Coaching

Free 20-minute Introductory Session
Per 45-minute session $85/£75
6, 12, 24 week and On-going Tailored Packages available

Counseling Services -
Restorative Marriage Support
Separation and Divorce Support

90-minute Initial Assessment and Counseling Plan $140/£120
Per 60-minute individual session $125/£120
Isabel Williams
Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)
Betrayal Trauma Coach
Trained Christian Counsellor
BA (Hons) Social Science
A Door of Hope Partner Peer Group Facilitator Trained

Isy Williams

A full-time homeschool mum to my 3 beautiful sons Jacob, Reuben and Jasper
I worked as a Family Support and Parenting Worker in the UK for many years and later went on to complete Theological studies, Leadership and Mentoring training in South Africa. Since then, I have certified as a Professional Life Coach and a Christian Counselor, moving into support for women experiencing life crisis and relational trauma, resulting in PTSD and anxiety.

My desire is to help educate, equip and empower women to manage and recover from the impact of relational breakdown and marriage crisis including betrayal trauma, and to make healthy and wise decisions for themselves, their marriages and their families through solid relational support, practical tools and biblically-based guidance and encouragement.
WCI Certified Professional Coach
Endorsed by the World Coaching Insitute
WCI officially Certified Professional Coach

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Bright Hope Coaching offers professional coaching and counselling support through flexible and affordable individual coaching programs.
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“Words cannot describe how valuable Isy and her Bright Hope Coaching services are and have been to me. Our times together have been priceless and have really helped me navigate through some very rough terrain in my life. Isy has a gentle manner and is amazingly gifted in the way she comes alongside someone, listening, actually hearing, encouraging and bringing simple action steps to help you in whatever stage you are in”
Jenny Bare
“To entrust your hurts, fears, and the choices you face to another person can bring a scary level of vulnerability that is only compounded by the pain you've already endured. For me to take that step and be met on the other side of the screen by Isy, even though thousands of miles apart, took me from a place of apprehension to one of much needed safety”
Renee Adams
South Carolina
“I honestly think everyone could benefit from her services even if you are not in a challenging season. The self discovery, the encouragement to slow down, to be okay with who and where you are but also take steps to being even more of who you'd like to be and where you'd like to be as well, are all benefits of Bright Hope Coaching Services. Out of 5 stars, I would give her 10!”
Jenny Bare
“From the moment I'm greeted by Isy, I feel seen and deeply understood, which brings a wave of comforting relief. The wisdom Isy has imparted to me has truly changed the trajectory of my journey, for the better. Her encouragement, sincerity, faith, and truth delivered with a sweet spirit have carried me through some very hard moments. I see the coaching relationship I have with Isy as a rare gift; one I don't ever intend to take for granted.”
Renee Adams
South Carolina

Some questions,
some answers

Together we work out a successful strategy for you to move out of hopelessness and into healing. You are not alone. Many other women walk this path and many have come out of life crisis and trauma stronger, healthier, more resilient and joyful as a result of the validation, understanding and encouragement that comes from having strong coaching and counseling relational support.
Who is Coaching for?

The process of being coached and the relationship that is built through it, are both highly beneficial for anyone wanting help with life circumstances they find too challenging or when they don't know what to do next to bring about change.

A life coach helps guide you as the client towards reaching certain personal goals, whilst enabling you to develop healthy self-awareness and good decision-making practices. Through strong relational mentoring and support from the coach, you can gain insight about yourself, your needs and your personal circumstances. This empowers you as the client to affect the positive change you want for yourself. As your Coach, I work with your present to help guide you into your future.

How will I know if I need Coaching or Counselling?

We decide together which service will best meet your needs through a free introductory call.

Coaching is highly effective in focusing on the goals you want to achieve now and the changes you want to make for your future. The process is directed and driven primarily by you the client and I support and monitor your progress closely. Counselling provides you with a more in-depth assessment of your needs based on your current circumstances and an agreed plan to help meet those needs. The counselling process is therapeutic and often requires you to examine aspects of your past in order to help you see how it might be affecting your present. This is how personal healing and restoration are guided.

Is what I share kept private?

Yes absolutely. I abide by the ICF and BACP codes of ethics, which require that all client information and disclosure of personal details shared within the coaching and counselling sessions be kept strictly private and confidential.

What are the benefits of Coaching and Counseling?

There are multiple benefits to both when you commit to the process and doing the work for yourself. Coaching and Counselling change lives.

When done professionally, ethically and sensitively, both processes have incredible potential to impact you powerfully in a tangible and life changing way. You want change that you can feel and others can see. The positive care, confidence and restoration that comes from sound, therapeutic support can be the difference between feeling stuck in your difficulty and making it through into feeling and living better.

How long does the process take?

Coaching and Counselling can move at the pace you are comfortable with. Each service is individually tailored to suit your needs, preferences and goals so these generally direct the length of time you will commit to the process.

I recommend at least 12 to 24 weeks of life coaching as a minimum in order for you to experience the benefits. I do act as a consultant coach through one-off coaching sessions if there is a specific requirement for this type of service. With trauma and crisis coaching, separation and divorce care or restorative marriage support, services are usually on-going until the crisis reaches resolution point and you as the client feel sufficiently helped and ready to move on.

How can I practice good self-care?

Caring for yourself throughout crisis and whilst going through trauma is paramount to good recovery. If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you have PTSD, looking after your mental and physical health needs to become a genuine priority.

Good Nutrional supplementation will help you to manage high cortisol and adrenalin levels which are activated by the the very real negative impact trauma has on your body, brain and nervous system. As part of my Life Coaching services, I offer health and self-care coaching to help teach you how to build practices that support your long-term recovery. The AIM Companies nutritional supplementation products are the best I have found, they are potent and very clean and I have used them for more than 6 years.

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